Dog dashes away

WP_20150402_003The dog comes sniffing around the restaurant. A boy who works in sees it, goes in and brings the bones and leftovers on a newspaper. Dog sees the boy coming his way, he dashes away, No! not shy away, dashes away. Boy leaves the leftovers on the ground. Dog comes back sniffing and then digs into it, cleans the paper to the extent that you can read whatever sordid information that was printed on it.

This is how we are.

See. The dog is used to being cursed, beaten with sticks and having stones pelted at it. So that was his natural response, to make a run for it when he saw the boy coming towards it. Maybe he isn’t used to have people coming towards him to give something, maybe he was, but then the world taught him how it would be.

Similarly. We are used to being cheated, lied, and some poor folks, even abused (in whichever way you understand this word). So when someones comes towards us, our first response is to make a run for it. It wasn’t always like this, we also trusted others, we thought in our naivety that I haven’t done anything wrong to this person, why would he do wrong to me. But as the world taught the dog, same way the world taught you.

Don’t Trust.

tumblr_lrxb4pCIww1r19e2io1_500What’s in it for this person coming towards me, approaching me, what does he/she wants for me.

This is an unhealthy way to live for you aren’t an island.
Oh yes you are.
For those who put up with the world, don’t give up the good fight as Paulo said. The world teaches you the secret.

Trust but Verify.

You give access to few. You have trusted them with your past, you are trusting them with your present, and you will trust them with your future. You will make space for few more, some would eventually leave, some you would have to kick out.

But, that’s life.


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