About Me

Peace be upon you.
After a long time, you can even say ages of thinking, pondering, and reflecting about starting a blog to share my thoughts, finally, here it is.

A few things to mention beforehand, kinda like the FAQs:

Who are you, where are you from, what’s your way of life?
I am Mohammad Kamil Nadeem, from Lucknow, and my way of life is Islam.
Now why would I mention “my way of life”? Frankly because it’s the lense through which I see the world, it affects my thoughts, and as this blog is about my thoughts, just thought that you should know it.

How can you say that, you don’t know anything, you are wrong?
I will say what I have/want/need to say, it’s correct that I don’t know everything but I try to know what I am talking about, and most certainly I could be wrong, indeed I am a human being, but you should also take it into consideration that you could be wrong also.

That’s it for now…

Whatever goodness and benefits comes out of this, All praises are due to Allah, only the mistakes are mine.


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