Live life with your head in the clouds

I don’t recall the exact timeline,
since when I have been looking up at the skies and enjoying the view,
the great brush strokes of a painter called Nature,
that is quite creative in her trade,
and though she is whimsical in nature,
as on some occasions she picks up soul searing hues,
but by far her favorites in the palette,
are the soul endearing whites and blues.

And these few lines that just came to my mind basically sum things up.
To quote what I shared around last year-

A pointless activity which is why it is so important. Cloud Watching.

You don’t need to plan an exotic trip to find creative inspiration. Just look up, says Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society. As he shares charming photos of nature’s finest aerial architecture, Pretor-Pinney calls for us all to take a step off the digital treadmill, lie back and admire the beauty in the sky above.

Live life with your head in the clouds.

I highly recommend that you watch the following TedTalk and see the images that he shows for yourself.

Here are few of the pictures that I hope you would enjoy watching.