Aerogrammes: and Other Stories

Most of us must have read short stories while growing up but as we grow up, we move towards the bigger, heavier, and lengthier stories. Some of us may consider to read them once in while, some may be indifferent towards them, and some would have left them altogether.

For me reading isn’t just another pass time, it is one of my passions, it is something that has helped me become a better person. I often share the following quote with people though in my own words.

“The reading of all good books is like conversation with the finest men of past centuries.”― René Descartes

For these very reasons and more, I am not committed to any particular format and genre when it comes to books. For a fact, I picked up this book at an absolute bargain price of Rs. 20 and it turned out to be good read.

Aerogrammes is a collection of short stories that feels like a well woven tapestry. The stories mostly have a contemporary feel and tone but the human emotion that each of them present is beautiful and unique,  and though I connect to some more than the others,  I liked them all.

When I finished this book I shared the following post on my Facebook page. It contains a summarized version of one my favourite story.  I highly enjoyed reading this book.

Had picked up this book for twenty Rupees at the Lucknow book fair the last time I went to it.

Written by Tania James, it’s a collection of short stories. Most of them are good.

The last one that I am currently halfway through is named, Girl Marries Ghost which is exactly what you understand by its name.

It’s been a long time that I have finished a book. I feel good, Alhamdulillah.

Uncle Rajesh Sinha

U hv written,you r half way of last story……and further u hv written that you hv finished…pl finish and tell the conclusion.I am waiting

Me- The story is that Gina is the widow whose husband died last year while riding bike, is now willing to marry a Ghost. There are ghost matrimonial, and the ghost Gina selects was a very rich and educated man, has a great tower like estate in the city who will be inherited by Gina when she marries the ghost.

Gina’s family doesn’t approve of this union, she marries anyway. She likes the marriage but is disturbed by the fact that the ghost doesn’t give her time and company in the marriage.

She finds out that he goes out now and then to visit the house his ex wife lived in. She brings her back to the house, drops her back at his house. Then says that she can’t continue the relationship.

The end is that she drives the car for a while then stops, thinking whether she will divorce him (if she gives him divorce he will have to leave this world) or whether she will give him another chance, story ends there.

This is a very summarized version sir.

Uncle- Ooooo,new type of story.Big thanks for sharing.