The choice is yours

One of the most beautiful poems that I have ever read is the poem, Iblees ki Majlis-e-Shura by Allama Iqbal. The man was a visionary, an intellectual beyond his time, May Allah have mercy on him.

I am quoting few lines from this poem in which he mentions the political system that we have in most parts of the world today:

Dusra Musheer

Khair Hai Sultani Jumhoor Ka Ghogha Ke Sherr
Tu Jahan Ke Taza Fitnon Se Nahin Hai Ba-khabar!

Is the clamour for “Government by the people” evil or good?
Are you unaware of the fresh mischief of the world?

Pehla Musheer

Hun, Magar Meri Jahan Beeni Batati Hai Mujhe
Jo Mulukiyat Ka Ek Parda Ho, Kya Uss Se Khatar!

Aware am I! but tells me my cosmic foresight:
No danger from what is but a masquerade for imperialism.

Hum Ne Khud Shahi Ko Pehnaya Hai Jumhoori Libas
Jab Zara Aadam Huwa Hai Khud Shanas-o-Khud Nigar

We ourselves have dressed imperialism in the garb of democracy
When man has grown to be a little self‐conscious and self‐observant.

Karobar-e-Sheher Yari Ki Haqiqat Aur Hai
Ye Wujood-e-Meer-o-Sultan Par Nahin Hai Munhasar

The true nature of the system of imperialism lies elsewhere:
It depends not on the existence of an individual leader of king.

Majlis-e-Millat Ho Ya Parvaiz Ka Darbar Ho
Hai Woh Sultan, Ghair Ki Khaiti Pe Ho Jis Ki Nazar

Be it a national assembly or the court of Parviz,
Whoever casts a covetous eye on other’s harvest is a king.

Tu Ne Kya Dekha Nahin Maghrib Ka Jumhoori Nizam
Chehra Roshan, Androon Changaiz Se Tareek Tar!

Have you not observed the democratic system of the West?
With a brilliant exterior, its interior is darker than Genghis’s.

Our Status

Across the globe, wherever you are, chances are that you are not happy with your government. The thing is that it is a Democracy and you know that even if the current Government system is messed up, in around 5 years you can turn it around, after all you are the citizen who has the ultimate power of vote, right?


If you have lived anywhere in the recent day and age you would realise that it’s just an illusion to think that you have power, the real power is with the politicians who will do what they will to do. I know, you must be thinking, hey shouldn’t the majority of the population drive the country. Yeah, in theory it seems right, people select the right candidate from their area to represent them, and others also do the same. Now here lies our dilemma.

Right Candidate?

I thought all the politicians were corrupt, blood sucking, bunch of rotten parasites that only wish to drain the country down the sewers. Well so far that’s what I have seen but now we have witnessed something different, a new party.


AAM AADMI PARTY (Common Man Party) has changed the narrative, brought the discourse of clean politics (yeah clean politics, feels like an oxymoron, I know) and agenda based campaigning focused on getting our country free from Corruption. Check the party’s manifesto here. Now the question is whether the country’s citizens want better politics or not because if you want a better country, that begins with a better political system. Check the credentials of the candidates they have entered in the 2014 elections, go on click here.

Now it is upon me and you to do the right thing.


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